Get Connected

That’s changing and affecting lives. 


Family Ministries

At Rhema family is the foundation upon which all of life is built. As a family oriented church we place great value on the individual family unit as well as the wider church family.

With the service of ministries such as Kids World, Singles and Marriage Ministries along with our ministry to families with newborns we ensure that all families are receiving the best care and support possible. It is our firm belief that healthy families make healthy churches and healthy churches ultimately make healthy societies.


Small Ministry Fellowship

Our various groups are intended to support your growth and inspire the connection to each other within the Rhema community. We want to strengthen existing relationships and provide an opportunity to develop new friends.

Connecting to a group that fits where you are is important for you and a vital part of life in a large church. We encourage you to take a look, try them out.

Get Involved

Our outreach is the extension of the Rhema mission and vision into impoverished and needy areas of our world. Working in close partnership with local and global communities on initiatives such as the feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, providing medical care, education, and empowering those most in need Missions is the continuity of the timeless ministry of Jesus Christ to those in our world who are otherwise forgotten and left bereft of the necessities and opportunities of life.