10. FOCUS 2021 & BEYOND: 

a. Understanding:(Prov. 4:7 & 1 Chron. 12:32) 

  • What We Are As An Organization = Understanding Rhema Canada. 
  • Who We Are As An Organization = We will move incrementally from a volunteer-based organization to a compensation-based organization. 
  • Who We Are As A Ministry = We will transition ourRCM Division from a local ministry to a global community without borders, redefining our concepts of membership and partnership.  
  • How We Work = Our work will be missional, vision-driven, structural, smart, effective, data-driven and analytical. 
  • Our Culture = We will foster a professional or business culture, guided by sound biblical principles. 


b. The Business Of God: 

As we welcome the Paradigm Shift in the world, let us rethink that which our organization offers by way of ministries, services, programs and other offerings. Let us be courageous enough to jettison unnecessary, obsolete practices and offerings while ensuring that we are effectively positioned to maximize the future. To do this we must ensure that we have established and will continue to entrench the following criteria for all that we do. Our work must be:  

  • Biblical In Foundation: (Psalm 119:105)
  • Structured In Practices: (Ezek. 37:7) 
  • Board Accountable In Governance: (Judges 21:25) 
  • Missional In Focus: (John 9:4) 
  • Practical In Application: (James 2:26) 
  • Measurable In Outcomes: (Rev. 11:1)



When Culture Is At War With Vision.  

a. The Vital Relationship Between Vision & Culture. 

  • Culture is the created environment of an organization, (Ethos). 
  • Culture is the womb where vision is nurtured to life. 
  • Culture is the environment where all work is done. 
  • Culture must compliment vision if there is to be results. 
  • When Culture & Vision conflict frustration, loss of time and productivity will be the results. 


b. A Culture Of Access: A Seat At The Table(Rev. 3:8) 

  • We will focus on practical initiatives geared toward people empowerment lending to greater organizational development. 
  • We will focus on greater innovation for greater technological access. 
  • We will strategize, plan, and execute our work for greater societal access. 


c. A Culture Of Opportunities: Maximizing Moments/Kairos(Rev. 1:3) 

  • We will be relentless in our pursuit of growth opportunities. 
  • We will be relentless in our pursuit of global expansion opportunities. 
  • We will be relentless in our pursuit of social transformation opportunities. 


d. A Culture Of Commitment: A True Work Force(Modified From HBR, Sept. 02, 2020) 

  • We will do work that really matters. 
  • We will prioritize what is important over what is urgent. 
  • We will sharpen our focus on the task at hand and the bigger picture. 
  • We will stay on track and get derailed less. 
  • We will get the most out of every meeting and engagement. 
  • We will organize our work, saying no when necessary and delegate with ease. 
  • We will become indispensable to our organization.

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