a. VISION: What Do You See? (Luke 6:39-40) 

  • Vision is a picture of a desired future, good or bad, (Hab. 2:2). 
  • Vision separates the men from the boys, the called from the cruising, the sent from the went, and the authentic from the pretenders. 
  • Vision ensures that people don’t waste years and purpose, (Prov. 29:18a). 
  • In every organization vision is king! (Luke 6:39) 


b. MISSION: Why Are You Here? (John 18:37) 

  • Vision gives birth to Mission. 
  • Mission is the reason for your existence, (raison d’etre). 
  • Mission outlines the problem(s) that you exist to solve. 
  • Mission is the roadmap that takes you to your end. 
  • Missions requires Values to ensure ethical foundations. 
  • Mission requires Strategic Objectives = Changing signposts along the journey. 
  • Mission requires continued Assessment = Checkpoints for and of completion.


c. PEOPLE: Who Is With You? (Psalm 23:4) 

  • People are your greatest assets and your greatest liabilities, (ask Moses). 
  • People must be chosen carefully, (Luke 6:12-13). 
  • People must be chosen by qualifications, (Matthew 25:14-15). 
  • People must be chosen according to heart, (1 Samuel 14:7).


d. ALIGNMENT: Is Vision & People Properly Aligned? (Amos 3:3) 

  • Alignment means everyone is where they are supposed to be. 
  • Agreement means that everyone is onboard with the vision and mission. 
  • Advantage is what you will have when people and vision are properly aligned. 
  • Simple Governance Phrase: “This does not align with our vision!

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