In Matthew 25:14-15 the Scriptures references abilities or capacity. Capacity can be defined as “How much one has been designed to hold.” Capacity is revealed or made known thru the following means: 

  • Charisma = Gifts 
  • Process = Development 
  • Insight = Revelation 
  • Fruit = Results 
  • Integrity = Honesty 

Capacity can also determine “understanding,” (Matt. 13:13). 

The importance of capacity demands that individuals are rightly placed in positions to succeed and not to fail. Our current ministry model fails to place people in positions to succeed based on: 

  • Improper onboarding practices. 
  • Very little focus on proven qualifications. 
  • Minimal, if any, sustained training, and development. 
  • The absence of consistent assessment or directional accountability. 

As a result, we end up not being concerned with success to the degree that we are with sacrifice, leading us to surrender success in the name of sacrifice. 

The proper business model should be: 

  • The organization places every individual in a position to succeed. 
  • Every individual places the organization in a position to succeed. 

Thus, we have a mutual work relationship or a relationship of reciprocity, leading to reasonable and fair questions such as: 

  • Individual: How are my talents positioning this organization to succeed? 
  • Organization: How are our resources positioning this individual to succeed? 

Both questions having measurable answers and not ethereal assumptions.   


Question: “Can capacity be developed?”  

Answer: Yes. 

Example: Using various sizes of cups; small, medium, large and supersize, to represent people and their capacity we can further understand development. These are all the same things, made from the same material and used for the same essential purpose, however: 

  • Each cup/person has its own capacity and price.  
  • Each cup/person has a starting point of containment. 
  • Each cup/person has a culminating point of containment.  
  • Each cup/person has its own differing weight when filled.  
  • Each cup/person can be capped.  


  • Capacity can be developed. 
  • Development leads to identifying a person’s peak capacity.  
  • Without development an individual may never know their capacity. 

Development and being in an organization that can accommodate one’s capacity is critical to success. Again, our current ministry model hampers this reality leaving many within the church community never realizing their capacity.  

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