a. God’s gifts, (James 1:17), when used, create worlds, (Eph. 3:20-21). These worlds are called sub-worlds or disciplines. On one level we all live in the world, (Ps. 24:1a), and on another level we also live in various sub-worlds, (Ps. 24:1b). God’s gifts in operation create fulness. 

b. The primary job of the believer is to occupy in these sub-worlds, (Luke 19:13), knowing that absence from these sub-worlds create voids which are easily and readily filled by demonic squatters, (2 Cor. 4:3-4).  

c. Christianity’s active presence and sustained relevance in these sub-worlds is how the Kingdom of God is revealed and advanced, (Matt. 13:33). 


In God’s Kingdom and in major organizations governance is everything. The presence of or the lack of governance can be seen in the following ways: 

  • Structural – How work is performed within a structural framework. 
  • Attitudinal – How individuals respond to instructions and or correction. 
  • Efficiency – How individuals respond to organizational communication (i.e. emails, voicemails, memos etc.).  
  • Productivity – How individuals deliver on stated requests or deliverables. 
  • Mission & Vision Adherence – Work that understands and advances both. 
  • Brand Awareness – Work that understands and complies with the brand. 
  • Policy Judgment – Eliminating the need for humans to measure hearts. 

Strong Governance Reveals:  

  • An Organization’s Speed = Done & Stood Fast, (Ps. 33:9). 
  • An Organization’s Level = Challenge & Nevertheless, (Luke 5:5). 
  • An Organization’s Results = Net Breaking & Boat Sinking, (Luke 5:6-7). 
  • An Organization’s Value = Quality Of Governors  

Conclusion: A Kingdom without governance is no Kingdom at all! (Judges 21:25) 


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