PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To Get Us Thinking Differently. 

KEY TEXTS: Isa. 2:2 & 2 Tim. 2:5 


This moment is God’s Selah, His Global Pause for His people to ReflectRethinkRestructure, & Restart

  • Reflection requires the Right Eyes, (Eph. 1:18). Revelation
  • Rethinking requires the Right Mind, (Phil. 2:5). Thinking
  • Restructuring requires the Right Systems, (2 Tim. 2:5). Legality
  • Restarting requires the Right Objective, (Matt. 6:10, 33; Rev. 11:15). Kingdom

A new world is here that is qualitatively different from the pre-pandemic world.

  • A world without borders.
  • A world shaped and fueled by an abundance of information.
  • A world driven by extreme liberal views.
  • A world moving at a much faster pace.
  • A world with a new freedom from traditional borders and boundaries.
  • A true Global Village

The Question: Will we effectively transition to meet and to lead this new world? 

Here is what I sense that God will be doing in this brave new world:

  1. Miracles– The releasing of authentic miracles aimed at getting the attention of people while creating in them an openness to the message of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, (Mark 16:17-18).
  2. Message& Conversion– The proclaiming of a clear and understandable message of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, set in practical terms, leading to a genuine Spirit-led conversion of nations, (Mark 16:15-16).  
  3. Ministry– The equipping of people to function as leaders in every sub-world within this world for the express purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom, (Isa. 2:2). 



a. The Struggle – A lack of proper church governance which can direct the global body toward the fulfilment of God’s vision of establishing His Kingdom on the earth, (FRAGMENTATION).   

b. The Strongholds – Historical mindsets which have become mental fortresses enslaving many to old ways of thinking while at the same time resisting the truth which brings change, (FOSSILIZATION). 

c. The Solution: Defining The Kingdom Practically:  

  • The primary Object of the church is Jesus Christ = A Person/Relationship 
  • The primary Subject of the Church is The Kingdom = A Function/Role 
  • The primary subject of the Church cannot be the Church, for then we would be talking about ourselves all the time = Narcissism  
  • The Kingdom is not attending a worship service, though attending a service should cause one to leave with a greater understanding of the Kingdom. 
  • The Kingdom is not evangelism, though when functioning the Kingdom evangelizes. 
  • The Kingdom is not Christianity, though Christians have been called to express or give expression to the Kingdom. 
  • Dominion in and over every earthly discipline! (Gen. 1:28; Ps. 110:1-2; Prov. 29:2, Matt. 6:10; Matt. 16:19) = Management, Leadership, Rulership, Care, and Stewardship. 

d. What Is A Discipline: 

  • A discipline is the outworking of a Gift or Talent. 
  • A discipline can be called a Field. 
  • A discipline can also be called an Industry. 
  • A discipline can also be called a Sub-World. 
  • Biblically, disciplines can be referred to as Mountains, (Ps. 68:15) 
  • Example, those who have been given the gift of Teaching work in the discipline, the field, or the mountain of academics or Education. 
  • Example, those who have been given the gift of Medicine work in the discipline, the field, or the mountain of Healthcare 
  • Example, those who have been given the gift of Athletics work in the discipline, the field, the mountain of Athleticism. 
  • Example, those who have been given the gift of Music work in the discipline, the field, or the mountain of Music and so on… 
  • Conclusion: When one’s gift matches their mountain they are rightly placed, and when one’s gift does not match their mountain they are displaced. 

e. Where Does God Desire His People To Function: 

  • At the top of every mountain for His glory! (Deut. 28:13 & Isa. 2:2) 

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