• Imagination = A Nation Of Images In Your Mind/Head; Enough To Work With For a Lifetime. Don’t Waste One Minute With Gossipers Or Time Wasters, Dream!  
  • In The Post Diluvian Age, It Was Imaginations That OccasionedTheFlood, (Gen. 6:5). Imaginations Can Have A Global Effect. 

1. The New: Imagine Us Thinking, Speaking, And Living, As The Church In Jesus Name! (Phil. 2:10-11). 

2. Gift, Worlds, & Governance: Imagine Us Operating In Our God-Given Gifts, Under Divine Governance, And Being Led By The Holy Ghost! (Rom. 8:31). 

3. Capacity: Imagine Us Fully Developed, Functioning At Our Peak, Empowered By God’s Anointing! (Isa. 10:27). 

4. Business: Imagine The Services Of God’s Kingdom Packaged And Presented To This World At The Highest Level Accompanied By Supernatural Miracles! (John 12:19). 

5. Vision, People, & Alignment: Imagine Us Truly Unified Around A God-Given Vision With Everyone In Their Right Place! (Isa. 54:17) cf. Ps. 133; Acts 2:1-4. 

6. Culture & Focus: Imagine Us Filled With The Love Of God Serving In A Culture Flowing With The Fruit Of The Spirit! (1 John 4:18) cf. Rom. 12:21. 

7. Conclusion: Imagine This World The Way God And Angels See it! THY KINGDOM COME! (Isa. 6:3) cf. Hab. 2:14; Rev. 11:15. 

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