Missions is the extension of the Rhema mission and vision into impoverished and needy areas of our world. Working in close partnership with local and global communities on initiatives such as the feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, providing medical care, education, and empowering those most in need Missions is the continuity of the timeless ministry of Jesus Christ to those in our world who are otherwise forgotten and left bereft of the necessities and opportunities of life. 

Project Beautiful

Founded in 2013 Rhema launched a program called “Project Beautiful”.  It is our belief that all women have an inner beauty that is often masked by life’s circumstances, and struggles, such as physical and mental abuse, and eviction by family members.  Through this program women receive hope and encouragement, empowering them to harness those experiences and use them to propel themselves forward.  They receive one-on-one counseling, a full beauty make-over (hair, nails, makeup and wardrobe) and assistance with employment if required.

Each year we anticipate greater success than the last and your donations help us to support more women who are in need, thus building a stronger community and making a difference.

Contact us at: missions@rhemaonline.ca

Keeping Warm
Youth Mentorship Program
Good Friday Community Celebration
Volunteer Month
Back To School Initiatives
Thanksgiving Community Event
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Global Philanthropy

Academia Cristina La Montanita

The goal of this sponsorship program is to change and affect the lives of underprivileged children. Your sponsorship dollars go a long way to educate and equip poor and orphaned children.