Should Christians be Allowed to Seek Public Office? You Decide.

Rhema Communications On May 28, 2018
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One of the hallmarks of any democracy is that citizens, Christians and non-Christians alike, have the right and equal opportunity to participate and be elected to government. The Canadian Electorate is a coalition of individuals and groups that believe no political party should be able to use government legislation to discriminate against anyone.

There have been a recent number of rash decisions by leaders of the Liberal, Conservative and NDP (both at the federal and provincial levels) to circumvent the will of party members to choose the nominee that they feel best presents their riding. This is an escalation of discrimination against politicians who are Christians which is a violation of the s2 Charter Right to Freedom of Religion and s3 Charter rights for Christians electorates to elect a Christian representative. Some parties have gone as far as taking the position that if you are a Christian you cannot contest a party nomination. These are symptoms of the real problem which is an active coalition to abuse a loop-hole in government legislation to persecute and shame Christians. 

Here are a number of news articles that discuss these recent events:   
• Tory MPP accused by Wynn of Homophobia over Sex eduation opposition 
• NDP candidate punished after Supporting Conservative summer job motion 
Anti-Abortion can't run as Liberals 

The solution?  Once the petition receives 500 votes and the legislative change to the s67(4c) Canada Elections Act occurs, the provincial counterparts will follow, political party nominations will become subject to s2/s3 Charter rights. This prevents anyone from being excluded from a party nomination without a reason. When this legislative amendment succeeds it will make it will take away power to discriminate against Christians and puts power back into the hands of voters. This is the original intention of our founder who declared Psalm 72:8 “He shall have dominion from sea to sea!” over Canada – our great nation.

The House of Commons petition is found here: It takes less than a minute to sign; all that is required is a name, telephone and postal code.  The House of Commons website is subject to privacy law protection - no one who signs the petition will be added to any mailing lists.  The government deadline for supporting Petition #1593 is July, 2018. When s67(4c) is amended it creates a duty to give reasons to a nomination contestant.  A contestant will be able to apply to Elections Canada to set aside any unfair decisions and refer the matter back to the party for a new decision that is in compliance with s2 s3 Charter rights. The rational is that the primary objective of political parties is to recruit and market candidates in order to form government; therefore they cannot function like a hockey club – a private association. The difference between the a governing political party caucus and the Government of Canada is a distinction without a difference, therefore a political party nomination process is in effect a Government recruitment process.
This is not a partisan issue, that is why an NDP Member of Parliament , has agreed to sponsor the petition  and Elizabeth May, the Green Party Leader, has agreed to support the call for “with reasons” amendment to s67(4c) Canada Elections Act.  Please find enclose her letter of support.  We are currently lobbying the leaders of the Liberal, Conservative Party and Bloc Québécois whom we believe will eventually agree to this petition to amend s67.
As you know, Hosea encourages us to fight for justice, “But you must return to your God; maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always”,  Hos 12.6 NIV.  I am writing to ask that Rhema Christian Ministries prayerfully consider supporting this initiative by sending a email to members informing them of the petition and inviting them to consider signing.   My family and I have been active member of Rhema Christian Ministries – Ottawa campus since 2011 and we believe in Rhema's God given mandate to “change and effect every life!”  I appreciate your time in considering supporting this initiative and, if welcome, I am pleased to make a formal presentation to the board in person. 

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