We believe in the biblical principle of giving as a means of supporting the local and global work of the church. Scripture refers to this practice as “sowing” (2 Cor. 9:6-7). It is upon this foundation that we actively teach the Old Covenant giving practices of first fruits, tithing and free-will offerings.

Here is a brief summary of each:
First Fruits – The practice of giving the first of one’s income to the work of the ministry, at the start of or apportioned throughout
the first quarter of each year (Prv. 3:9-10).

Tithing – The ongoing practice of giving a tenth of one’s income as instructed by the Lord for the support of His ministry and
His people (Lev. 27:30).

Offerings – The practice of giving freely and as much as one feels compelled to give for the building of God’s house and the
work of His ministry (Ex. 25:1).

It is important to note that as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we do this, not because the New Covenant demands it, rather as a symbol of our faithfulness to the entirety of God’s word with the expectation that a time will be restored to the church when the Holy Spirit will once again instruct God’s people in giving that is commensurate with the needs of His ministry and His people, leaving us with a pure form of Christianity whereby all things are had in common, leaving none among us with any lack (Acts 4:32-35).

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